The tournament registration fee is $5.00 and is payable by any of the methods below.

The registration fee is due by the start of the tournament, Thursday, March 17 at 12:00PM EST.
Your bracket will be cancelled if the registration fee has not been received by the above date!

Cash/Check - Send to
Dan King
134 Feldspar Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13219

PayPal - Use your credit card or bank account by clicking the link below ($0.50 fee applies).


First Round (play-in games)Not counted
Second Round1 point
Third Round2 points
Elite Eight3 points
Final Four5 points [Bonus 10 for all 4 correct]
Championship Game8 points
NCAA Winner10 points

After a game has completed, teams you've selected correctly will be highlighted in green on your bracket.


The four (4) players with the highest score will be paid out after the championship game based on the scale below. You must provide a valid email address, as we will use it to notify you. If we are unable to contact you within seven (7) days the prize will be awarded to the player with the next highest score.

In the event of a bracket score tie, the final game score will be used to determine the winner.
Whoever is closest to the total score of both teams wins. If no final game
score has been entered, a score of zero (0) will be assumed.


TBA - based on the number of registered players, and is usually close to the following:
1st - 60%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 10%
4th - 5%

The exact amounts will be announced and posted here shortly after the tournament starts.

Last years payout:
1st - $300
2nd - $125
3rd - $60
4th - $25


These games will NOT be used in the tournament.
Although the winning teams of these games will be updated on your bracket if anyone would like to choose this team.


Players are allowed to register up to two (2) brackets per person. Each bracket will require its own registration at the said fee above. If a player is found to have more than two (2) brackets, we reserve the right to cancel any of the extra brackets.


If the tournament has started and you realize you've made a mistake in your bracket, depending on the type of the mistake, we may be able to fix it for you. If the pick in question has the same team wining a prior game, and a later game, this can be corrected. (see below).

However, if the pick in question does not have the same team winning before or after, this cannot be corrected. (see below).

So, make your picks carefully!